Silver Member Application

We are delighted to introduce you to the exclusive opportunity to apply for Silver Membership at the Jewish Family Library. As avid readers and seekers of knowledge, we understand the importance of accessing a wide array of resources seamlessly and enhancing your overall library experience.


Allow us to illuminate how applying for Silver Membership can significantly benefit you:

  1. Extended Borrowing Privileges: Silver Membership grants you extended borrowing privileges, enabling you to keep library materials for an extended period. This ensures that you have ample time to delve into your selected books, magazines, or other resources without the rush of returning them hastily. 
  2. Priority Reservations and Holds: As a Silver Member, you receive priority when reserving or placing holds on popular titles or high-demand materials. This ensures that you have timely access to sought-after resources, eliminating the frustration of long waiting periods.
  3. Supporting Library Initiatives: By becoming a Silver Member, you actively support the initiatives and programs of our library, contributing to the enrichment of our community and the promotion of literacy and lifelong learning for all. 
  4. Discount on Event Venue Rentals: As a Silver Member, you'll enjoy special discounts on renting our library facilities for hosting events. Whether it's a book club meeting, literary seminar, or any other gathering, take advantage of discounted rates exclusively available to Silver Members for event rentals.

We invite you to elevate your library experience by applying for Silver Membership today. Unlock a world of possibilities, enrich your reading journey, and immerse yourself in a community dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and culture.

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