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Most Synagogues require you to pay obligatory dues in order to belong. At Chabad Pico-Bais Bezalel we believe that every Jew is already a member. We do not charge a mandatory, one size fits all membership. We have an open-door policy, where every single Jew is welcomed and made to feel at home, regardless of affiliation or finances.

But keeping our doors open is not cheap. Aside from our monthly maintenance bills, our budget has grown significantly over the past few years. On a regular basis, we are running: Hospital Visits, Bar-Bat Mitzvah lessons, Camp Gan Israel, Shabbat and Holiday Services, Special guest lectures & weekly classes, Rosh Chodesh Society, C-Teen, Financial Support For Families and Singles, Meal Train Program For Families with New Borns, Jewish Family Library, Chabad On Pico's Learning Center, Daf Yomi, Kollel Chassidus, Four Daily Morning Minyanim, One Minute of Torah and more.

Welcome to our Chai Club!

Chai means life. Our heart pumps every single day. 115,000 times each day. We often don’t think about the things that keep us alive. But these consistent and sometimes small things are so very important to living.

A crucial element of our financial stability comes from becoming a Monthly Partner, committed to being a part of everything we do. By pledging to consistent monthly investment in Chabad Pico-Bais Bezalel - this partnership of our Monthly Giving Circle are indeed the lifeline of all our achievements.

As a convenience, we would be grateful and recommend you choose our hassle-free monthly credit card or Bank transfer billing to be automatically charged starting today. At any time you wish, you can increase, decrease or cancel your monthly pledge. Or change your billing date.

Join our Chai Club; become our life!

Here’s what to expect as a Chai Club member;

- Every month we will have a raffle for either a flight to the Rebbe or a Jem + Chayenu subscription. 

- Periodical Insider’s Notes - These are quick and casual updates sent via Email.

- Annual Chai Club Appreciation Event - Once a year, we invite all Chai Club members to celebrate their impact together.

- Annual Personal Update - A one on one meeting with senior staff to solicit feedback and share vision for the coming year.

- Monthly tax receipts.

Thank you for joining!

PSA: We just launched our new Chai Club page! You'll be added to the page as you renew your membership.


Rabbi Dovid Diamand


Benjamin Fass, MD

R' Eldad & Mrs. Jenny Younessi

Yosef & Esther Mandelbaum

Robert and Madeleine Rosenberg


Dr Donna Miller

Herschel & Maida Glicken

Matt Lipeles

Aryeh & Tova Hinda Siegel

R' Ira & Mrs. Regina Strasberg

Mr. Reuven Weiss
Mrs. Malkah Naomi & Mordechai Yosef Feldman

Rabbi Avrohom & Devorah Leah Wagshul

Chaim & Dalia Marcus

Romano Family

Yaakov and perel dena Hochman



Aaron Korda

Tzivia Malka Feit

Chaim Katz

R' Chaim and Mrs. Moshkovich

David & Basha Leah Lobell

Dovid Bressman
Dovy and Shira Berger

Moshe Fried

Paul & Ellen Bressman

Dr. Yaakov & Mrs. Perel Dena Hochman

Eldad and Jenny Younessi

Eldad Younessi

Yechiel Grill

Fernando Ulitzky

Fred Denitz

Ira and Regina Strasberg

Joseph Michael

R' Chaim Katz

Meir & Chana Thaler

Minde Ornelas

Aaron & Ilanit

Avi and Miquela Climo

Arie Dana

David & Lynn Mayer

Mr. Eldad Younessi

Sherwin Matian

Shimshon & Ariella Rachimi

Shlomo Walt

Sholom & Faigy

Ada Cunin


Kobi and Miriam Almog

R' Michoel & Mrs. Peri Devaney

Reuven & Tziporah Kasten

Ms. Frederica Barlaz
Ms. Tzivia Feit

Berel & Ziporah Cohen

Dovid Hoch

Mendel Gottlieb

Shimon & Chaya Mushka Simpson

Yisroel & Rivka Serraf

Rabbi & Mrs. Yossi Matusof

Rabbi & Mrs. Yossi Gordon

Chaim Shalom & Nechama Gross

R' Itzik & Mrs. Alizah Gourevitch

Ross Begun

Shmuel Levy

How does this work?

You select an amount you'd like to give every month and pay with your credit card. Your card will automatically get charged every month on the same day.

How long is the commitment?

For as long as you'd like. Our system will charge your card monthly until you decide to increase or otherwise. Just let us know and we'll take care of it.

What if I only want to make a one-time donation?

Thank you for your commitment to Chabad Pico-Bais Bezalel! Should you wish to make a one-time donation, please visit

What if I want to make a monthly contribution below $36?

Thank you for your support! We appreciate all donations. You can set up a recurring monthly donation under $36 at